Arm humper and black blobs (WARNING: she may be 55 years old)

Dude, did you ignore what I said? Please for the love of god, move to a developed country with majority white/hispanic women, THEN share your stories when you chikan them... Jesus christ! Do you understand that we DO NOT want to hear your stories with black blobs? We are not being racist here, we are simply NOT interested in black blobs! We get turned OFF by it. I would use the ignore function on this board if there is one, but there ISN'T ONE! So I can't ignore your posts, which turns me and everyone else the fuck OFF. I think it would be better for you to post in the gay/lesbian section or off topic section, since what you're doing shouldn't be allowed. Go on ANY porn site and 99% of the main page videos feature WHITE/HISPANIC/ASIAN WOMEN! We do NOT want to hear your stories right now featuring black blobs!

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