The Hall of Fame

A place where Arm Humper does not deserve to be as he does not meet the criteria for admission and never has. Here is the proposal upon which the Hall was established:

Black Shogun (Sun 08 Jun 2003 00:32:13 GMT)

Hall of Fame

I would like to propose that Master Ayashi create a new section on the board called the Ayashi BBS Hall of Fame. In this section, the readers will be able to go directly to a collection of the writings and submissions of the most famous and successful writers to have appeared on the board. The readers can nominate writers for inclusion into the Hall of Fame, with Master Ayashi ultimately deciding who will be included, kind of like the Man of the Year process.

Black Shogun

Now, somebody who has never won even ONE Man of the Month award in FOURTEEN plus years does not qualify as a SUCCESSFUL writer on this board! He has not received the acknowledgement and acclaim of his peers! And to say that he was "nominated by Carlos" is not enough. If that's true, it was an inappropriate nomination as the criteria has not been met, and the nomination should have been rejected by the Webmaster. Upon further review, Arm Humper's admission to the Hall of Fame should be revoked!

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