You are super funny. You could have complimented my story and say nice story it reminds me like this video but no you didnt you just put the video and make it look like I'm just recapping some shit. Money haha. I know for a fact hot girls don't want a creepy looking old dude on them and watching them like a madman. I bet you run out of breath just walking towards them. Then one touch on a girl and you nut. HAHA HAHA! Made fun of ALLROUNDER "chicks" but I bet you don't get anything better. Don't you get tired of lying about getting bitches. It's kinda funny how you said i don't contribute anything here cause I'm not going to be here for a decade and fantasize about FUCKING bitches I have a life and I hope you get one too. Girls rather get attention from guys IN THEIR OWN AGE GROUP not like your pedophile bitch ass. There's a difference between a chikan and a pedophile. I will leave you with this L.

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