Another A Grade Experience

The large, global readership of this site, frotteurs and non-frotteurs alike, should be glad to hear that earlier this week, on Tuesday, on the bus, I enjoyed another exciting experience. What made it special was that I was humping the same woman to orgasm for the third time.

My first encounter with this milf nurse was in September of 2015, when I came on her backside. I knew she was a nurse because she was wearing light blue scrubs. The second time I had a climax with her was last week, when I came on her right arm. Then on Tuesday, I ejaculated again with my member pressed on her right shoulder. If I come with her again, I will equal my record, for I have never humped the same woman to orgasm more than four times.

This was my third ejaculation by means of frotteurism for the month. While this is nowhere near the ten orgasms I achieved by humping in October 2008, I still find success too often in my practice to make a big song and dance out of every encounter (hence the relatively brief, matter of fact style that I favour) and I guess the frotteurs out there who work the buses and other frequent forms of public transportation would tell you the same thing.

Arm Humper: Down with easy, ugly molestation; the consensual way is best.

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