Keep Shunning Arm Humper

Don't worry guys . . . I'm not about to let this asshole ruin the mood and fun . . . . but I will say this:

Some people are so predictable, especially when they can't enjoy "center stage". Nobody is interested in Arm Humper and what he does, or anything he has to write about. A full 34 years of obscurity and drivel! THANK YOU for pointing THAT out so well!

Well, he's not going to disrupt this board anymore or take away from our enjoyment of it. Ayashi should really ban him, because that's all he really does. Disrupt the site. He's no better than an angry, bitter, attention-seeking troll.

The focus is going to be on what we love to do, and nobody gives fuck all about Arm Humper. He posts and asks questions and is routinely blown off. Let's keep that up! Keep marginalizing this A-hole and keep him on the sidelines. Shut him out!

I would also recommend that he return and ask for a refund for that worthless diploma he received from the Don J. Trump School of Persuasion. Accuse others of lying while constantly spinning your own fibs. He lies, he lies . . . he liiiiies!

Back to center stage and focusing on the people and posts that matter! Real chikans uuuuUUUUPPP! Arm Humper DOOOOoooowwwwnnnn! And shut out . . . literally! Let's do it!

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