Arm Humper HOF Membership Must Be Revoked!

Now that I think about it, Arm Humper's own words may be used against him to establish why his HOF membership should be revoked without delay. What did he say?

AH wrote: "So I'm in the Hall of Fame not because of the great stories I've told . . . . "

This is a VERY significant statement, and there is a reason why I zeroed in on it. Why? You see, the HOF was not established so that people can puff out their chests and talk about how great their "phantom" accomplishments are. No, it was established to recognize THE BEST CHIKAN STORY WRITERS and to make it easy for people to find their contributions rather than having to wade through everything else to get to them. I know this because THE HOF WAS MY IDEA and I provided the initial list of names to be included, based on this criteria!!! DO YOU WANT ME TO PROVE THAT???

Arm Humper was not on that list! And why would he be??? By his own words he has not contributed stories that are stellar and memorable and that people would therefore want to find. As I have said, they are stories you can FORGET since 2003!!! HAHAHAHA! So look, with all due respect, if Don Carlos or anybody else nominated him, it was a BAD nomination because (again by even his own words) he doesn't meet the criteria for inclusion! And yet, Ayashi put him in anyway when it is well known (FOURTEEN YEARS of NADA) that this guy is not a great contributor to this site . . . EXCEPT FOR TROLLING ME! That's what he's good at!

This is why I say Ayashi acted unilaterally . . . we'd had one of our falling outs over this . . . he wanted to show "who was boss", and he put the A-hole Arm Humper in when Arm Humper CLEARLY did not meet the criteria for admission . . . GREAT STORY WRITING . . . again . . . BY HIS OWN ADMISSION NOW!! You don't get rewarded here for a great picture. Not even for putting up a great video. It's STORIES that are at the heart of the site.

Therefore, I hereby call for Arm Humper's membership in the Hall of Fame to be revoked so as to correct this travesty imposed upon Chikanland and the Chikan people! Oh, and guess what he had the nerve to say after he got in? That he would not be "rubbing shoulders" with the greats! Nigga with a name like "Arm Humper" you better not be coming around me talkin' about rubbin' no got damn shoulders! You better rub you ass own away from here! LOLOLOL!!!

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