The Bottom Line

As I vehemently argued over a decade ago, the MEMBER known as ARM HUMPER does not belong in the Hall of Fame! Ayashi overruled the CLEAR will of the people, as evidenced by FOURTEEN YEARS of this guy not even receiving as much as a single Man of the Month win on this site. NOT ONE in almost a decade and a half! Think about that people! And the nerve to talk about his "accomplishments". As recognized by whom???? AYASHI and that's it! FOURTEEN YEARS of evidence don't lie! Now, I won't be surprised if all of a sudden out of the blue he gets a MOTM award just so Ayashi can show "who's boss". Just like before. Some "guest" or some numb nuts will nominate him, and then he gets a win! Mark these words folks! When it happens, you saw it here first! But, you know it eats away at the insides of an arrogant prick such as he . . . one who all women "give of themselves" to him and his "romantic" gropings. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! FOURTEEN YEARS nigga . . . FOURTEEN YEARS . . . hell, I hate it fo' ya! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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