How about you "prove" that all of your victims are "players" and that they "give themselves to you" . . . do it with the constable standing right there looking at what you do and we'll see how much women "give themselves" to you rubbing your dick on them! THEN we'll believe that HAHAHA! As you're led away in handcuffs LOLOLOL! Talk about LIES! You're sick all right! Sick in the fucking head! Classic deluded chikan who thinks all the women you rub on like it and "want" you! Puff!!! Haha! You know you can't stand the fact that for FOURTEEN YEARS nobody here has acknowledged the BULLSHIT "matter of fact" crap you write! You don't belong in the HOF and EVERYBODY knows it . . . including Ayashi . . . oh but he had to prove it's "his" site. That's why you're in there, and it's the ONLY reason. If it had been left up to majority rule, you'd never be in there and you know it. I don't give a fuck who nominated you. You SUCK and that's something we most certainly can believe SHIT HEAD!

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