STFU Nigga!

No, nice way for YOU to try to change the subject, but no dice. Here's the psychopathy in you . . . it's not just me . . . it's EVERYBODY . . . and yet, you want to focus on me! You didn't say a god damned thing about what TRENDY just wrote. NOTHING! You don't say a god damned thing to GUESTZ who called that ugly Moe! No, it's all about me and your "bragging" about the ugly turds that "give" themselves to you LOL!

Well guess what? FUCK YOU nigga! I'M THE CHAMPION up in here nigga! I GOT THE BELTS nigga! YOU GOT TO GO THROUGH ME nigga! I DON'T GO TO YOU nigga! YOU GOT TO GO THROUGH ME ya Trinidadian nigga! CAUSE I'M THE CHAMP up in this bitch nigga! SO WHEN YOU GO RETIRE nigga?! CAUSE I'M THE MOTHERFUCIN' CHAMPION nigga!
ARM HUMPER nigga! Reports you can FORGET since 2003 NIGGA!!! SIMP ASS nigga got 14 years and nothing to show for it but his butt ugly ass, victimized DOGS!

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