Take a look in the mirror! If you can keep saying "rapist" over and over again (among other things), then I can keep posting the FACT that you had the ignorance and the gall to proudly post those UGLY PICS of your self-identified victims, referring to one of them as a "bonus" even HAHAHAHA!

Who's the psychopath now??? Nobody here in their right mind could get a boner for those dogs, let alone cum LOL! Trendy Chikan say he don't want that Aunt Jemima shit LOL! Maybe you want to forget it, but I'm not ever gonna let ya live it down chump!

Now go ahead and post another one sicko! I dare you! Cuz every time you do you get seriously CLOWNED! I didn't call that bitch Moe . . . Guestz did :-D So go ahead and post another one of your "hotties" and let's see who we get. So far we got Aunt Jemima and MOE from The Three Stooges HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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