Just For Fun + Story

I'm a rapper and chikan. I am here to deliver Ls to yall for fun sake. While rapping an experience of chikan

I went deep between that pooty
That fat ass booty
Was poping
I was deeper than when yall try to open up
That what's up
I nutted while I slient farted

Shogues and Guestz
Yall been staying out of game too long
After this will be the reason it was prolong
Can't find the magic
Oh what a tragic
Yall rods can't go deep
It's too small
I don't want to hear a peep

Red Dragon
You post girls who are too damn skinny
Looking looking for the girl who can handle that small ass dick so you can pretend you went deep
Your stories are now putting us to sleep

Has been putting great stories on this board for years
But notice the first two words "has been"
You think your on a great level of chikan
While I'm above it

Yall think I'm here to help but I'm here to give yall a L

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