pink lizard shut your ASD UP

I'm not hell bent on shit you michael blackson looking ass hater that only wants to frott skinny tooth pick white teenaged girls to compensate for his needle dick. LOOOOOOOOL
I want to make the board lively and with material because I've noticed every winter time the board gets DEAD with only a few good stories as opposed to the board Yeats ago in winter time.
And I haven't gave up any stations or specific lines, I don't go from broad to broad in the same train either like those idiots did according to the report.
I am on when it's packed so there's no choice to be close and I can tell how slutty a girl is dressed and the body language she gives if she's game a lot.
I don't wear out my welcome and move as a NINJA...I wanted to wait to drop the wefnesda story but I'll drop a bit of the aforementioned surprise: a Chinese or Japanese broad hopped on the train when it was packed and willfully stuck her ass right on me, NO JOKE.
I didn't have to hunt for her.
I didn't probe around from broad to broads.
I didn't do any risky obviously stupid ass shit like the retards did in the article.
I know what I'm doing.
I blend in with the crowd and position myself just right.

For now I'm pink charmander, leave me out of your player--haters posts.
I don't want you making anymore references to my existence.
You are bitter that you can't be in my position seeing chikan is difficult as hell in winter concerning the cold circumstances that plays its disadvantage.
Stop acting like a ex-disgruntled girlfriend psycho stalker and get a winter time chikan life of your own.

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