Pinky the lizard

Don't quarrel with a fool. He will take you down to his level and he is more experienced there.
Yes that just about sums you up, racist black guy who doesn't like big booths to chikan, so he fetishes by playing his little itty bity teeny weeny on sexy white girls out of pure frustration since he doesn't live up to the black stereotype down stairs.

LOL I am NOT white, though one of my parents is pinky.
And my spelling is terrible on the account that I use the glide/swype spelling with my android.
Your full of self hate and envy of white men pinky the lizard.
I seen you bash black women and the choice trotting them to both white chikans and even black chikaans so I know how you really feel my dude.
Any way, there is terrorist and people going nuts shooting up schools, churches and gay clubs. Frottng is least of the FBI concerns The mass majority of the time females are game.
So don't come at me butthurt you little pinky having pink lizard from Jamaica or Africa living in London. Go ave a cup ole tea n' aye scone n' pipe down bro. Lol...our o back n forth is over. Letd get Back to BLACK FRIDAY STORIES!

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