Team Shogues

My brothers Shogue and Red dragon are two of the best in the game. Real players like myself that do this for fun but have no problem pulling a actual female. We save money by the art of chikan when we bored and want to swim in some white ass. I will acknowledge my brothers and ignore the lames like Armhumper, u my freind are a weirdo, bad boy is a fag that practices incest and Same Old Groper, u are irrelevant and probably a lame living in his moms basement. We all have our preference. Im not a idiot. If serena williams was in front of me in a crowd i would of coarse go to town on her Black ass, but if Jessica Beil was next to Serena i would choose the Ladder, of coarse. P.A.W.G is whats hot. deal with it....I am a smooth criminal, i aint nothing like you. This man in the mirror got me feeling like i am Micheal! #bars

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