This from the LYIN' CLOWN PRINCE of CHIKAN! A LIFETIME of material!!!

1. A woman who remains silent to the crime perpetrated against her has consented to said crime (tell it to the judge!)

2. All of his VICTIMS "give" themselves to him with longing and desire in their eyes (more like fear and loathing!)

3. He thinks FAT BLACK MAMMIES are hot (see attachment . . . I'll have a stack of buckwheats AUNT JEMIMA!)

4. A study from the prestigious University of Michigan concludes that people such as "SOMEONE" who are ALWAYS consumed with the grammar and spelling of other people are ASOCIAL, INTROVERTED, CRABBY, UNPLEASANT individuals (i.e., ASSHOLES!)

And the finale . . . here is this JERK doing AGAIN what he LIES about . . . claiming that he does not consistently exhibit such ASSHOLE behavior . . . but the record over the years is REPLETE with examples as shown on Tue 15 Dec 2015 03:45:45 GMT where "someone" engages in their obsession with grammatical construction yet again:

“You're "dreaming of [being] a white"? or you're just "dreaming of a white". Makes sense either way. Must be a Freudian slip! LOLOLOL!”

There’s plenty of more penny ante bullshit such as this that I won’t spend any more time looking up. Suffice it to say that this ASSHOLE is an even bigger fibber than is LYIN’ TED LOLOLOLOL!!!

Note: For a quote within a quote you should have used single quotation marks versus the doubles that you used . . . and the word "or" was the start of another abusive sentence, so that should have been capitalized . . . tsk, tsk such BASIC RULES . . . HAHAHAHAHAHA :-DDDDDDDDDD!!!! How ya "likes" me now??? LOLOLOL!!!

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