Verdict for The Great Shogie!

Now this shit head is a master of foreign languages! Really??? He writes:

"Yet you cannot write three simple sentences in Spanish, an easy language, without making basic mistakes." Then he goes on "lecturing" as if there are only TWO ways to say something in Spanish . . . TOTALLY FUCKING IGNORANT . . . and WRONG!!! The literal translation of "ponga los videos en la seccion se llama video clip links" is "put the videos in the section ONE CALLS video clip links". It's a VERY common way to express something in Spanish. GOTCHA AGAIN DUMB ARROGANT MOTHERFUCKER!!! You obviously don't understand how to use "impersonal se" in Spanish ASSHOLE :-DDDDDDDDDDDD

But if this doesn't prove the point of the Michigan study, then I don't know what does! TOO damn funny! You're doing EXACTLY what they say a JERK like you does! Keep talking . . . and proving the point of the study LOL! You're EXACTLY that disagreeable ARSEHOLE that the study identifies LOL! Just TOO damn funny :-D!!! AND you happen to be DEAD WRONG to say how I wrote it was grammatically incorrect LOL! You don't understand the use of impersonal se DIPSHIT!!!

Now, we all know you're just using an ONLINE TRANSLATOR anyway you fucking FREAK HAHAHAHAHA!!! So put it in your translator and shove it up your ass GRAMMAR JERK! You obviously don't know jack shit about Spanish at all to make such an obvious blunder over a basic use of words in the language LOL! No, what you do is sit there on your greasy hind parts and use online tools to .. . as the study indicates . . . be the disagreeable ASSHOLE you're known to be.

I'm 1,000 times more educated and well-traveled than you are. This is how I fuck women all over the world that you will NEVER have access to :-DDDD But, I didn't major in Spanish MORON LOL! I have more money than you do and know I'm better looking too. That's because a guy like me would NEVER have to settle for one of your FAT BLACK MAMMIES! I drive a nice ride while you can only afford the bus where you seek to rub on women's shoulders LOL! AND, I am clearly the superior chikan as evidenced by my many, many accolades whereas you have none to show at all :-)))))) So EAT SHIT and DIE!!! LOLOLOL!!!

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