And SO damn predictable! I haven't forgotten shit! Mine was a reaction to all of the years and years of abuse from ASSHOLE JERKS like yourself and others busy correcting other people's grammar and spelling (among other things). It was a long time coming to finally start administering a dose of your own medicine to you . . . you WEIRD JERK, and now you're getting a steaming high heaping helping of it! How does it taste??? Hmmm? HOW DOES IT TASTE??? You started this way back when with your penny ante, bush league tactics. And now I've ENDED it!! MOMMA SAY KNOCK YOU OUUUUUTTTTT HAHAHAHAHA!!! I've just handed your asocial, introverted, social outcast, LOSER, rusty, funky ass a CRUSHING and HUMILIATING defeat using your own documented behaviors against you! Behaviors quite apparent for all to see! No more need to waste another breathe on a buffoon such as yourself over this. Ya got KICKED IN YO ASS!!! Well Trump has lyin' Ted. And we have our own liar to kick around . . . the buffoon LYIN' ARM HUMPER!!! FUCK 'IM!!!

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