Asshole Jerk!

No, you see you just got CLOWNED big time (again!) and now you're trying to gloss over the issue. Well, you're not going to be able to play this one off (just like with that pic you posted of your FAT BLACK MAMMY). The MATTER is that on NUMEROUS occasions here OVER THE YEARS, whether it's about something written in English or in Spanish, you've demonstrated an uncontrollable penchant to want to correct people. Do you want me to go look that up too as proof? I wouldn't have to go back too far in order to do so :-) It's undeniably what YOU do. And as the study from the highly-regarded university indicates, it's just the unpleasant ASSHOLE in you LOL! You can't win the fight, so then you start resorting to penny ante tactics like nit picking at somebody's spelling and grammar. THAT'S what's at issue here and once again it's YOU trying to change the subject and lessen the damage done to your already weak self-esteem hehehehe! Hey, hump any more women reading the Bible yet??? LOL! Wait to declare a victory once you've truly achieved one . . . because you just got your TRIFLING ass CLOBBERED here . . . TA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! HAHAHAHAHA :-D!!! Think I'll go have some din din heheheheheeeeeeee!!!! GOTCHA!!!

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