Asshole, Asshole JERK!!!

"Someone" has a superior education in ENGLISH and not Spanish moron. It's "el idioma" and "la lengua". Oh, and you missed one . . . it's "bIEnvenido" versus "bEInvenido" DICKHEAD hahahaha!

Now EVERYBODY please read this blurb about a story that I just heard about the other day on National Public Radio:

"According to a new study released by University of Michigan linguists, people who are prone to point out other people's typos and grammatical errors are the kind of ASSHOLES that everyone already expects them to be. The team found that less agreeable people (i.e., JERKS) were more likely to recognize grammatical errors because they are unlikable, close-minded introverts lacking in interpersonal skills."

The term the NPR host used was SOCIOPATH! And lest "someone" believes I'm making this up (like uuhhhmmmm my STORIES), just Google "University of Michigan grammar study" and you will find plenty of articles reporting on the findings of the research team. The reports take a different spin on the research findings, but their basic conclusion is the same. People like "SOMEONE" are ASSSSSSSHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLES!!! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!

So, I truly hope that "someone" will take these painful findings and truths about themselves to heart and find the path forward to . . . GROW :-DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Hey y'all, now this turd is so angry and bitter and pathetic and anti-social that he's now desperately scouring all over the internet trying to find a study from a highly regarded institution such as Michigan to rebuke me LOLOLOLOL!!!! Do your worst you JERK of an ASSHOLE!

VICTORY! VICTORY! VICTORRRYYYYYYYYY!!! And it didn't even come from me. It was . . . eeeeerrrrrr . . . "given" to me by the University of Michigan . . . they "gave" of themselves to me just like "someone's" FAT BLACK MAMMIES give of themselves to "someone" HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, keep fuckin' with me nigga . . . keep fuckin' with me . . . I'm gonna DESTROY you!!! Just like I always have!

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