Pardon Me

But I think you've mistaken me for somebody else who actually gives a constipated doo doo with regard to those bullet points there . . . you BLACK STALKING DRUGGIST/RAPIST!!! If the same play works . . . keep running it until they find a way to stop it . . . but you know "someone" never will!

You're clearly an uneducated, mentally unbalanced, negro boy with no more than a high school diploma at most. You read articles and books and toss around a bunch of big words thinking that makes you sound smart, but you really sound just like that other buffoon Don King! I hope you at least comb your nappy ass head and brush your grimy, buttermilk teeth!

Hey, don't hate on me because you're from an "ugly" country with nothin' but them "greazy" fat black mammies to rub on. A nigga gotta do what a nigga gotta do hahaha! Don't know about you, but my bitches gots ta have GOOD hair LOLOLOL :-D Too da loo . . . weird motherfucker!!! Oh, was that foul language? Well FUCK YOU then nigga LOL!

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