Hey Guestz Check It Out, CHECK IT OUT!

This sorry ass nigga mad 'cause I'm out here butt fuckin' all these pretty white college girls and bustin' nuts left and right LOL! It's whatcha calls a jealous ass nigga hahaha! A jealous ass nigga is even more dangerous than the white man! He even gonna call me out for writin' about a "hat trick" like that's supposed to be some unbelievable feat or something! Yeah, if I gotta get wood for one of his FAT BLACK MAMMIES (everybody saw the pic HE posted) that WOULD be totally IMPOSSIBLE LOL! So I can see why he's never scored such an achievement hehehe. Nigga gotta close his eyes and imagine he on Blake Lively then opens 'um up and sees it's really AUNT JEMIMA LOL!

Hey, for nut number two I had that pretty blonde white girl with both hands holdin' her all by her shoulders and shit and she was just a jumpin' and a hoppin' and a bendin' over and workin' that white hindshine on my woody! I had my face buried into the back of her good smellin' hair and I was like, "Damn this snow bunny sho ain't like one of AH's greasy, fat black mammies . . . this white girl got some GOOD hair!" AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA :-DDD))))))))!!! Then look, look . . . look . . . you shoulda seen the nigga when he got into the Hall of Fame WHERE HE DOESN'T BELONG! If somebody needs to explain something, how about an explanation for that???? The nigga was grinnin' from ear to ear talkin' about "rubbin' shoulders" with all the other greats! Can you believe . . . better not bring his black, ARM HUMPIN' ass around me talkin' bout rubbin' shit! And especially shoulders! Sick, perverted fuck! Gonna BEATCHA DOWN!!!

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