The Great Shogie versus Arm Humper


The Great Shogie - innumerable Man of the Month Awards
Arm Humper - Nary a one such award!

The Great Shogie - Rookie of the Year/Newcomer Award
Arm Humper - Nada!

The Great Shogie - Two-time Man of the Year Award
Arm Humper - ZIP!!!

The Great Shogie - Hall of Fame Membership
Arm Humper - WHAT THE FUCK???

How did that happen? Totally undeserving based on the FACTS! Only two people in the world know the real reason why this SHIT HEAD'S handle appears on the list, and he isn't even one of them! What a joke! Only Ayashi and I know the real truth. It's the same reason that NY Sex Beast, another undeserving character (although a bit more so than Arm Humper) is on the list.

I doubt Ayashi would ever confess to the truth. But, we all know that by no stretch of the imagination has "someone's" accomplishments here earned him that status. And yet, he has it. A total travesty of justice and violation of fair play to all others who aspire to such height of achievement and recognition within the chikan world. To have out hallowed hall stained by such . . . such . . . such a putrefied piece of shit! It sickens my stomach! Ayashi . . . HOW COULD YOU???

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