The Truth According to Sambo

YOU said "you hypocrite you tell lies too" (emphasis on TOO) . . . I said you tell lies . . . PERIOD! You can't even stick to what was written and have to keep adding to it twisting the words making YOU the clear liar. Well "the list" according to who knows it best (that would be me) is out there now for all to see. So no more disputes about what's on it. Deviate from it and YOU are lying, which is part of your character anyway. Or, do you believe it's just your prerogative to decide what nationalities I've fucked and which ones I have not LOL??!!

Besides rubbing yourself on your fat black mammies, you haven't "exposed" a got damn thing either other than your shriveled dick and your over a decade long obsession with attacking me LOL! You're one of them jealous ass niggas who can't stand it when good things come somebody else's way. That's because I know you ain't got shit in life and ain't gonna NEVER have shit! Not even hope! Why? Because somebody like you would spend all of your time in your room worrying about who somebody else fucked where hahahaha! And in the meantime, you ain't even gettin' none where you're at hahaha! You're too busy worrying about somebody else's sex life to have one of your own hehehe!

Thanks for the attention but NO THANKS! And goodbye? Do you really mean it? Do you promise that to me and everybody else here??? Yeah well I hope so cuz it would be GOOD RIDDANCE you WEIRD, pseudo intellectual, black piece of shit! Oh, am I being "foul"? Hurt your wittle, wittle feelings? LOLOLOL!!! Yeah get your black SAMBO ass gone and never come back here to disrupt this board again with your mentally unstable BS. Not for as long as you stay black, which will be forever LOL! SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP! And may you have a good jerk on New Year's Eve while all REAL chikans are out doing what real chikans do . . . bustin' nuts LOLOLOL!! Fuck you ya SICK NIGGA!!!

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