Greetings from around the wooorrrrlllld!

Wait a minute, wait a minute . . . what was that you said???

"But you're the one who claims to have fucked women from around the world; you shd. recall the list better than anyone . . . ."

And so I DO . . . so write it down and SAVE it and READ it and STUDY it good on Christmas day you fucking creepy, demented, SLOW, weird freak!

It's not my fault you're stuck in your ugly black country with only your ugly FAT BLACK MAMMIES to rub on while the GLOBE has been my playground hahahaha :-D!

See ya and sure as hell don't wanna be ya . . . here's to a WHITE Christmas LOL!

Note: Hey! Isn't that the S. Korean flag front and center??? Or was it N. Korea I told him??? There is a difference you know and need to keep my story straight HAHAHA! His dumb ass probably doesn't even know the diff so no worries LOL!

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