AH=Obsessive Compluslive Liar

There you go again. Never said a got damn thing about sex with Koreans. What's simply unbelievable is your own obsessive, compulsive lying about the trivial. That's absolutely NOT understandable. You add a new nationality with each new post hahaha! Next time you'll be saying I said I fucked a Vulcan too!

Let me help you out. You've left out Canadian, Mexican, Salvadoran, Panamanian, Colombian, Brazilian, Argentinian, Paraguayan, Dutch, Spanish, German, Slovakian, Turkish, Turkmen, Moroccan, Dane, Russian, Ukranian, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Costa Rican, Venezuelan, Belorussian, Albanian . . . oh and American! But no Korean, Vietnamese, or Indian . . . although I do find light-skinNED Indians to be attractive. Yes I do. Also some Korean I like.

Now you looka here BOY. I've fucked more pretty girls IN THE ASS (not just chikan) let alone the cootchie than you will EVER get pussy in your ENTIRE lifetime LOLOLOL!!! Do you understand me??? And how am I able to do it? Well, that's none of your GOT DAMN bidness! But let the record show so that a jealous, hatin' nigga like you won't get confused and make "understandable mistakes" in the future. Bookmark this motherfucker LOL. Write it down BITCH! Are you taking notes???

And if I remember some more I'll let you know. Does a Thai-Chinese mix count??? Had that too. I've forgotten more girls I've fucked than a loser like you will have in an entire lifetime. Believe that. I have zero reason to be making shit up or hatin' on somebody cuz I GETS mine and PROPS to anybody else gettin' their too! And don't be adding to the list either nigga you hear me? I wrote it down for you, so no excuses for getting it wrong again. No, I've never banged a Mongolian or a Cambodian. OK??? So read 'um . . . but don't weep nigga, don't weep . . . YANK OFF hahahaha! And EFF YOU too!

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